Session 1: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 1

Paille – Higher plant compartment development for closed regenerative life support system status and challenges

Boscheri – PFPU – Preliminary concept and main criticalities of the Precursor of Food Production Unit in the MELiSSA framework

Santachiara – Improved cultivation system for future life science experiments on ISS Development of Modular Test-Bed

Dixon – Relating spectral quality of light to plant production and quality

Session 2: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 2

Villani – Effects of high-intensity static magnetic fields

Billi – Cyanobacteria under space and planetary simulations

Session 3: “Update on Space Greenhouse Research & Industry Perspective”

Barta – The Lunar Mars Life Support Test Project

Messina – The Moon Village Concept

Session 4: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 3

Lansdorp – Agricultural challenges and opportunities for Mars One’s mission

Aronne – The water pathway through a plant

Domurath – Intelligent light management as one of the key drivers for network-orientated biomass production in artificial environments

Manni – Botany in space: from the past to the future

De Gara – Protective effects of phytochemicals from cosmic radiations

Session 5: “Space Greenhouse Concepts”

Furfaro – Mars-Lunar Greenhouse (M-LGH) at the University of Arizona Status and Path Forward

Rossetti – Bioregenerative applications and technologies to sustain a long duration manned mission

Wamelink – Can we grow plants on Mars and moon soil simulant

Session 6: “Earth Applications”

Pontetti – Automatic Hydroponic Cultivations

Session 7: “EDEN ISS – Analogue Mission to Antarctica” Part 1

Zabel – Current Status the EDEN ISS – An Antarctic GH to enhance plant cultivatoin in Space

Battistelli – Plant quality and safety control and measurement in EDEN ISS – A project

Kempkes – Resource consumption in future exploration greenhouses

Session 8: “EDEN ISS – Analogue Mission to Antarctica” Part 2

Bonzano – Environment Control Design, Air Management System

Downey – The Use of Light Emitting Diodes on Plant Bioactive Production

Dueck – Fresh Food Production for EDEN ISS