Session 1: “Update on Space Greenhouse Research and Industry Perspective”

ESA Approach to Higher Plants Compartment Development for Closed Regenerative Life Support System

Christel Paille, ESA/ESTEC


A National Working Group on Bio-regenerative Life Support Systems

Salvatore Pignataro, ASI


Strategies and Technologies for Space Exploration in SPIN-IT

Piero Messidoro, Thales Alenia Space-Italy


The EDEN Initiative – Overview of DLR’s Life Support Systems Developments utilizing Higher Plant Cultivation

Daniel Schubert, DLR


Update on NASA Life Support Technology Research and Development

Raymond Wheeler, NASA


Session 3: “Technology and Subsystems Advancements – Part One”

A High-Intensity, Variable-Spectra LED Array for Plant Production in Challenging Environments

Mike Dixon, University of Guelph


Reconsidering Tree Fruit as Candidate Crops through the Use of Rapid Cycle Crop Breeding Technologies

Thomas Graham, NASA


The Growth of Higher Plants in Space Greenhouses

Stefania De Pascale, University of Naples Federico II


Development of the VEGGIE System and Advanced Plant Habitat for ECLSS Integration for the International Space Station

Paul Zamprelli, Orbital Technologies Corporation


Session 3: “Technology and Subsystems Advancements – Part Two”

Farming on Extra-Terrestrial Soil

Giacomo Pietramellara, University of Florence


Life Support Systems: Engineering a Plant Characterization Unit

Lorenzo Bucchieri & Carlo Conti, EnginSoft


New Solutions for Water and Air Treatment: further Developments

Franco Cataldo & Giuseppe Bonzano, Aero Sekur


Session 4: “Public Outreach”

Inspiring New Generations: the Science and Technology Museum of Milan points both on Space and Nutrition

Luca Reduzzi, Science and Technology Museum “Leonardo da Vinci” Milan


Tomatosphere – A Space Science Outreach Project

Mike Dixon, University of Guelph


Full Scale Lunar Greenhouse Prototype

Gene Giacomelli, CEAC University of Arizona


Session 5: “Analogue Testing”

Food Production Concepts for Human Habitats in Space

Raymond Wheeler, NASA


Ten Years of Operations of the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse

Matthew Bamsey, Canadian Space Agency/DLR


Mobile Greenhouse Test Facility Design for Analogue Testing at the German Neumayer III Antarctic Station

Paul Zabel, DLR


An Overview of Recent and Future Lunar/Mars Habitat Terrestrial Analogs

Philip Sadler, Sadler Machine Co.


Short Video Message from Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue and Simulation Campaign

Lucie Poulet, DLR/NASA


Session 6: “Space Greenhouse Concepts”

Food Production Solution for Exploration

Giorgio Boscheri, Thales Alenia Space-Italy


Living on the Moon: the Role of the Greenhouse in a Bio- regenerative Lunar Base Concept

Vittorio Rossetti, Intern at TAS-I


Dynamic Plant Model for Greenhouse Optimisation Studies

Anton Zhukov, Technical University of Munich


“Padova Botanical Garden: Exhibition path Plants in Space”

Giorgio Strappazzon, VSassociati


Session 7: “Earth Application”

Hydroponic Cultivation in Sterile Hermetic Greenhouses

Giorgia Pontetti & Paolo Battistel, Ferrari Farm


CROP Combined Regenerative Organic-food Production

Jens Hauslage, DLR


“Light Energy Sharing between Photovoltaic Modules and Plants”

Walter Stefanoni, CNR-IBAF & UniTuscia-DAFNE


Personal Hydroponics and Closed Cycle in Solar Decathlon Europe Competition

Stefano Converso, Roma Tre University