7th International AgroSpace Workshop
Mars – A Long Way to Go
Sperlonga (LT) [former] Santa Maria Church
May, 26th – 27th 2016


First Day
Thursday, 26th May 2016 (08:45 – 16:45)

8:45 Registration & Welcome Coffee

09:30 Introduction: F. Faiola, Mayor of Sperlonga
09:35 L. Mocci, General Director Federlazio 
09:40 C. Coppola, Vice President Federlazio Latina
09:45 Workshop Overview: “Mars Human Mission Challenges”
G. Giovangrossi, Aero Sekur
10:00 “White Paper Initiative Summary & ‘Agriculture in Space’ – special journal issue within Open Agriculture”
D. Schubert, M. Bamsey, DLR; T. Graham, University of Guelph

Session 1: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 1

10:15 Introduction, ChairmanA. Petrini, Aero Sekur
10:20 Keynote: “ESA Higher plants compartment development for closed regenerative life support system: status and challenges”
Christel Paillé, ESA
10:35 “PFPU – Preliminary concept and main criticalities of the Precursor of Food Production Unit in the MELiSSA framework”
G. Boscheri, TAS-I
10:50 “TIME SCALE – Improved cultivation system for future life science experiments on ISS: Development of Modular Test-Bed”
D. Santachiara, DTM Technologies
11:05 “Relating spectral quality of light to plant production and quality”
M. Dixon, University of Guelph
11:20 “Tomato hairy root cultures as a platform for the bioproduction of valuable molecules and as a tool to test extreme astrophysical conditions”
S. Massa, ENEA

11:35 Coffee Break

Session 2: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 2

11:55 Introduction, ChairmanP. Messidoro, TAS-I
12:00 “Effects of high-intensity static magnetic fields on an in vitro plant system for the production of biopharmaceuticals in aerospace environment”
M. Villani, ENEA
12:15 “The Water Treatment and Recycling in 105-day Bioregenerative Life Support Experiment in the Lunar Palace 1”
B. Xie, Beihang University
12:30 “Cyanobacteria under space and planetary simulations: a tool to support human space exploration”
D. Billi, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
12:45 “Plant growth-promoting organisms to improve plant performance of hydroponic grown soybean in BLSSs”
S. De Pascale, University of Naples “Federico II”

13:00 Lunch Break

Session 3: “Update on Space Greenhouse Research & Industry Perspective”

14:00 Introduction, ChairmanDaniel Schubert, DLR
14:05 Keynote: “Bioregenerative Life Support Experiments in Chinese LUNAR PALACE 1: Results and Future Plans”
H. Liu, Beihang University
14:20 “The Lunar Mars Life Support Test Project”
D. Barta, NASA
14:35 “The Moon Village Concept”
P. Messina, ESA
14:50 “The Italian BIoregenerative Systems (IBIS) WG – status and perspective”
G. Mascetti, ASI

15:05  Coffee Break

Session 4: “Technology and Subsystem Advancements” Part 3

15:25 Introduction, ChairmanM. A. Perino, TAS-I
15:30 “Agricultural challenges and opportunities for Mars One’s mission”
B. Lansdorp, Mars One
15:45 “Water pathway through a plant to be grown in a bioregenerative system for orbital stations: the need for experiments in microgravity”
G. Aronne, University of Naples “Federico II”
16:00 “Intelligent light management as one of the key drivers for network-orientated biomass production in artificial environments”
N. Domurat, Integar
16:15 “Botany in space: from the past to the future”
M. L. Manni, AS ECO ROMA
16:30 “Protective effects of phytochemicals from cosmic radiations”
L. De Gara, University “Campus Bio-Medico”, Rome

16:45 End of First Day

20:30 Social Dinner and Group Photo


Second Day
Friday, 27th May 2016 (09:30 – 16:30)

9:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee

Session 5: “Space Greenhouse Concepts”

10:00 Introduction, ChairmanG. Giacomelli, CEAC University of Arizona
10:05 Keynote: “Design and dimensioning of a fully self-supporting Mars greenhouse”
C. Stanghellini, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture
10:20 “Mars-Lunar Greenhouse (M-LGH) Prototype at the University of Arizona: Status and Path Forward”
R. Furfaro, University of Arizona
10:35 “Greenhouse Module for Space Systems: A Lunar Greenhouse Design”
V. Vrakking, DLR
10:50 “Plant experiments in 105-day Chinese Lunar Palace 1 mission”
C. Dong, Beihang University
11:05 “Bioregenerative applications and technologies to sustain a long duration manned mission”
V. Rossetti, Aero Sekur
11:20 “Can we grow food on Mars or the moon?”
W. Wamelink, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture

11:35 Coffee Break & Poster Session

Session 6: “Earth Applications” 

12:05 Introduction, ChairmanA. Battistelli, CNR-IBAF
12:10 “Space Orchards: Making Fruit Trees Compatible with Spaceflight”
T. Graham, University of Guelph
12:25 “inFarming® | technical approaches for indoor horticultural systems of the future”
V. Keuter, Fraunhofer-Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT
12:40 “Automatic Hydroponic Cultivation”
G. Pontetti, Ferrari Farm

Session 7: “EDEN ISS – Analogue Mission to Antarctica” Part 1

12:55 Introduction, ChairmanMatthew Bamsey, DLR
13:00 Keynote: “Current status the EDEN ISS – An Antarctic greenhouse to enhance plant cultivation in space”
P. Zabel, DLR
13:15 “Plant quality and safety control and measurement in the EDEN ISS – A project”
A. Battistelli, CNR-IBAF
13:30 “Resource consumption of vegetable cultivation in future exploration greenhouses”
F. Kempkes, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture

14:00 Lunch Break

Session 8: “EDEN ISS – Analogue Mission to Antarctica” Part 2

15:00 Introduction, ChairmanMatthew Bamsey, DLR
15:05 “EDEN-ISS Air Management System”
G. Bonzano, Aero Sekur
15:20 “The Use of Light Emitting Diodes on Plant Bioactive Production”
P. Downey , CELLS Research Group, Limerick Institute of Technology
15:35 “Crop cultivation and continuous fresh food production in the FEG”
T. Dueck, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture

15:50 Round Table

S. Rossignoli, Aero Sekur

C. Lobascio, TAS-I
M.A. Perino, TAS-I 
D. Schubert, DLR
A. Battistelli, CNR-IBAF
G. Giacomelli, University of Arizona 
S. De Pascale, University “Federico II”, Naples 
Chinese Delegation, China 
M. Dixon, University of Guelph 
P. Messina, ESA 
D. Barta, NASA

16:30 End of Workshop


Download here: 7th International AgroSpace Workshop ENG